The New Performance Disco rotor from TRW

Developed for the image conscious driver who wants top fit a great looking disc rotor with enhanced performance. TRW’s new range of XPS disc rotors are a successful addition to TRW’S range of braking parts.


Tested at TR’s facilities in the Uk, the XPS disc rotors proved they are more than up to the challenge of providing great performance. Using a crack initiaion test. TRW’s engineers put an XPS rotor through 140 cycles of testing (the equivalent of 560 brake application). The picure shows that the XPS disc rotor still hadn’t cracked and more than exceed the 100 cycles normally expected from the test.

As this graph shows on the left, the rotors reached almost 600c in the tests and still didn’t crack.


launched with a range of over 80 references, XPS rotors have a low MOQ making range additions an easy process.

Stocked in singles, each reference can be used on the left and the right wheel which helps to reduce the number of references needed for stocking.

Eye-Catching Design

The attractive, sporty looking design of XPS rotors will help to enhance the look of any vehicle. The striking red colour stands out through the hub-caps and is always a talking point amongst drivers.


Slots help with the removal of gases produced during braking, helping to reduce fade and keep the rotor temperature lower which reduces stopping distances. The slots also help the rotors stay clean, helping to keep the sporty look for longer.

Every XPS rotors is balanced using edge-grinding for a longer lasting performance and to help reduce vibrations which cause noise in braking.