about shock absorbers

For almost a century KYB has specialised in hydraulics, with technology widely used in the aeronautical, rail and maritime industries. KYB is Japans leading hydraulics company.

The KYB group, which has 8,200 employees worldwide, turns over $2.6 billion, of which 60% is from sales of automotive shock absorbers. From its 15 factories in Asia, Europe and the United States, KYB has an annual production capacity of more than 75 million shock absorbers. KYB has the largest shock absorber factory in the world (in Gifu, Japan), with a capacity of over 50 million pieces. It is highly automated and can change from producing one strut to another in 15 seconds. KYB Corporation is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and exports its products to more than 100 countries across the world.


Worn shock absorbers increase the braking distance in comparison with effective shock absorbers by 2-3 meters at a speed of 80km/h. The cornering behavior also becomes unstable if the shock absorbers are showing signs of age. Test with shock absorbers that had only half their efficiency showed that the tyres lose contact with the road on tight corners and bumpy roads compared with fully functioning shock absorbers.


Poor shock absorbers reduce the effect of modern electronic drive train components such as ABS and ASR or Electronic Stability Systems (ESP). When braking on a bumpy road from 80km/h, the braking distance increases by around 5 meters in vehicles with ABS and with defective shock absorbers, as opposed to vehicles without ABS and with defective shock absorbers, which means that braking is around 14% longer.

Series of Shock Absorbers

  • excelf
    KYB Excel-G® Twin-tube shocks, struts, and cartridges
  • premiumf
    kyb premium® Oil shcock absorbers, struts and catridges.
  • gas-a-justf
    KYB Gas-a-Just® Monotube shock absorbers
  • srf
    KYB New SR Special® Purpose: Stability control and drive comfort than standard model
  • KYB-Lowfer-Sportsf
    KYB Lowfer Sports Designed to provide a comfortable ride at low ride height
  • AGX-2-440x317
    KYB AGX® Manually adjustable shocks, struts, and cartridges
  • KYB Extage
    KYB Extage A new beacon for premium shock absorbers
  • AGX-2-440x317
    Lowering Spring